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Since 1948, Coastal Vision Center has helped many people enhance and correct their vision. Our clinic has the only ophthalmologist here in Nassau County, Florida who is an experienced corneal surgeon. Our clinic specializes in a number of eye treatments that work to correct vision problems and give patients better eye health.

Our Eye Doctors Perform Corneal Surgery

Many people today deal with severe vision problems that require an experienced corneal surgeon. We are proud to bring our services to patients in Nassau County and the nearby areas. Our doctors are passionate about using their experience to treat vision disease and other eye health problems.

What Is Corneal Surgery?

The cornea is the clear most anterior part of your eye. You can think of it as the windshield of your eye. If abnormal, light will not pass through the cornea correctly which causes poor vision. Several factors can cause diseases of the cornea and affect your sight.

You can develop corneal disease from certain inherited conditions, eye trauma, scaring, or untreated eye infections Surgery is often necessary when a patient develops a corneal disease.

Who Is A Good Candidate For Surgery?

A corneal surgery works to correct many vision problems. The doctor may consider you a good candidate for surgery if you have:

  • Keratoconus
  • Fuch’s Dystrophy
  • Corneal clouding or swelling
  • Problems from past eye surgeries
  • Scarring from injuries or other trauma
  • Issues from untreated eye infections
  • Hereditary eye diseases
  • And others…

The ophthalmologist will ask your questions regarding your medical history and perform a thorough exam. This will help them make the best decision in your course of treatment.

Performing A Corneal Transplant

You may need a corneal transplant if your cornea is badly damaged and affecting your vision. A corneal surgeon will remove the damaged corneas and replace them with new ones. There are different levels of the surgery for each patient depending on the extent of the damage.

During your consultation, our ophthalmologist will examine your eyes and let you know if you need a full or partial replacement. We want to make sure you’re in good health before your surgery.

Contact Us For A Consultation

If you’re dealing with vision problems, call Coastal Vision Center for an eye exam. Our doctors will give you a complete eye examination and give you the best solution to enhance your vision. We look forward to helping you receive great eye health.

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