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If you're thinking about making the switch to contact lenses, let us know when you make your appointment. Coastal Vision Center will take the time to make sure you get the best product for your eyes to ensure clear vision and your comfort. Our friendly staff is excited to get you on your way to a better life here in Fernandina Beach, Florida.


Eye Exams for Contact Lenses

If your contact lense prescription has expired and you're in need of replacement contact lenses, then it's time to schedule an eye exam. Even if you're certain you're getting the same lenses and your prescription hasn't changed, it's important to get an exam once a year. Eye exams are important for your overall eye health and making sure you don't have any problems that can cause vision loss.

An exam for contacts is the same as it is for eyeglasses. The difference is that after your eye exam is complete, you'll have a separate fitting for your contact lenses. Our eye doctors will want to take a look at your eyes with your new contacts in to see how well they fit your eyes and how comfortable they are for you.


Different Types of Contact Lenses

There are a few different types of contact lenses we offer and the one we suggest for you will depend on your eyes. Here are the different types of contact lenses and the differences between them:

  • Soft lenses: These are a popular choice because they are versatile and comfortable. You can get soft contact lenses that you need to replace monthly, weekly, or even daily
  • Gas Permeable Lenses: These are harder lenses and more durable than soft lenses. However, they do require a longer period for your eyes to adapt to them during which you have to wear them all of the time
  • Multifocal lenses: These are offered in both soft lenses and gas permeable lenses and allow you for both near and far vision correction just like a pair of bifocal glasses
  • Color contact lenses: These are a fun option that allows you to change your eye color!
  • Silicone hydrogels: These are soft lenses that allow for greater oxygen permeability and are a great option if you struggle with dry eyes

During your exam, your eye doctor will determine which of these lenses will work best for your eyes as well as your needs.


We Want to Make Sure You Get the Best Lenses

If you're new to contacts then you might be surprised by the additional lens fitting. First, we'll show you how to put them in your eyes and make sure you understand hygiene steps to ensure eye health. After you have gotten the hang of putting them in, then the doctor will take a look at your eyes again to see how well they fit your eyes.

The eye doctor will also have you blink a few times to see how well they work with the natural moisture of your eyes. After you have worn them for a while and feel comfortable in them, we'll send you home with a follow-up appointment in a week. At your follow up appointment, the eye doctor will look at your eyes again and make sure your lenses are working well for you before you buy contact lenses.


How to Get Replacement Contact Lenses

If your prescription is still valid and you’re in need of replacement contact lenses, just give us a call or use our Online Contact Order Form. We can order you a new supply over the phone and we’ll even call you to let you know when they have arrived.

You can also buy contact lenses after your final fitting appointment. We'll be able to work with your insurance and let you know how many boxes of replacement contact lenses your insurance will cover.


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