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Routine eye exams are an important tool to determine your overall health. Our professional eye doctors and friendly staff will take the time to listen to your concerns so that we can make sure we address your needs. Coastal Vision Center wants to help you out in Fernandina Beach, Florida!



What to Expect During an Eye Exam

Your eye doctor will perform several tests during your eye exam. These tests will help determine your overall eye health and can find any problems before they lead to permanent vision loss.

  • Visual acuity test:

    This is usually the first test we'll do and it's one that we're all familiar with. We'll use a chart and measure both distant and close visual acuity

  • Cover test: Performed along with the visual acuity test but while one eye is covered. This test for strabismus and binocular vision, which are both symptoms of a lazy eye.
  • Color Blindness Test: This screening test helps the physicians detect any color blindness problems
  • Ocular Motility Testing: Your eye doctor will have you follow an object with just your eyes to test for eye movement problems
  • Stereopsis Test: This test measures your depth perception and the ability for your eyes to work together
  • Retinoscopy and Refraction: These tests are used to determine your eye prescription
  • Autorefractor and Aberrometer: Sometimes these tests will be performed before you see the eye doctor. You'll rest your chin on the instrument, which will automatically estimate your eye prescription strength
  • Slit Lamp Exam: Your eye doctor will use powerful magnification tools to examine the structures of your eye such as your retina, cornea, optic nerve, and iris. This test is important to determine if you have eye health problems
  • Glaucoma Test: This is also known as the "puff of air test" and is vital to catching glaucoma problems
  • Pupil Dilation: Your eye doctor will place drops in your eyes, which dilate your pupils and allow the doctor to look inside your eyes for a thorough evaluation of your eye health
  • Visual Field Test: This helps test your peripheral vision and can determine blind spots caused by glaucoma or even determine specific areas of brain damage from stroke

If you have any questions about these tests, feel free to ask! We always try to keep you informed and let you know what's going on during your exam.

What to Expect After Your Exam

If your eyes were dilated, then you can expect to have difficulty with your nearsighted vision for a few hours. Your next steps will be determined by whether or not you need corrective devices or if you needed vision correction surgery.

Getting Fitted for Contacts

If you're planning to get contact lenses, then after your exam is complete, you'll be fitted with new contacts. Your eye doctor will determine which lenses will work best for your eyes and give you a pair of new contacts to wear for the week.

Your doctor will take a look at your eyes with your new contacts in to see how well they fit your eye shape. You'll be scheduled for a follow-up appointment in about a week in which the doctor will see how comfortable your contacts are. If you're satisfied with your contacts, then we'll discuss ordering a supply of new contacts for you.

If You Would Like Eyeglasses

For most people, we'll give you a prescription for eyeglasses unless you specifically request contact lenses or if you come in wearing contacts. We can also order your new eyeglasses along with contacts. It all depends on what you need!

If you're getting glasses, then after your exam is complete, we'll give you time to look at the frames. We have friendly associates on hand to help you determine which ones will work best for your face, your budget, and your specific lenses. After you select your frames, we'll order your new glasses and frames. We'll also be able to tell you when to expect your new eyeglasses to come in.

Schedule Your Eye Exam Today

We recommend that you get an eye exam every year even if you don't have problems with your vision. Here at Coastal Vision Center your comfort and quality of life are our priority. If you live in the Fernandina Beach, Florida area, give us a call today to schedule your next appointment!